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Goodway Group Hosts A Successful Hybrid All-Company Summit

Summing It Up: Goodway Group 🤝 Confetti

The Challenges: After two years of separation, Goodway Group was ready to host its first all-company hybrid event. However, they wanted to ensure remote employees felt as essential and engaged as those attending in-person.

The Discovery: While searching for unique virtual activities, they discovered the Confetti platform, which presented various experiences with all the information upfront — including availability and pricing. Since they knew exactly what to expect from each activity, they were able to better understand what experiences would best appeal to their virtual team members!

The Outcome: With Confetti, Goodway Group’s event planners elevated the virtual event experience to something incredibly special. In the end, the company gave their in-person and virtual employees a summit that was engaging and fun for everyone involved!

FormAssembly Stays Connected Thanks to Confetti

In 2020, the pandemic canceled FormAssembley’s annual company-wide reunion, exasperating feelings of disconnect and social isolation. In 2021, Confetti helped them plan an entirely virtual reunion that brought everyone together — and led to recurring team bonding initiatives throughout the year.

• The Challenges: When in-person meet-ups were off the table due to the pandemic, FormAssembly’s team leaders needed a way for people to connect in order to secure the well-being of their workforce.

Confetti’s Zero Waste Workshop — Meet Anne Therese Gennari

Our virtual Zero Waste Workshop aims to teach people more sustainable ways of living, both in their personal and professional lives. It’s the perfect opportunity to help teams engage with a company’s sustainability initiatives!

And, rumor has it, the Zero Waste Workshop is led by some passionate eco-educators. One of those incredible eco-icons is Anne Therese Gennari — aka, the Climate Optimist.

We wanted to take a moment to spotlight Anne Therese because, frankly, she’s pretty dang amazing.

Confetti’s Composting Class — Meet Monica Richards

Our virtual Composting Class helps folks learn the many benefits and practices of composting.🌱 In it, we aim to show how easy and accessible this impactful, sustainable action really is.

This class is an excellent opportunity to get your team involved with a company’s sustainability initiatives while equipping them with knowledge they can use in their personal lives! 🙌

And Monica Richards — aka the ecobabe — is one of the fantastic enviro-experts leading our virtual Composting Class.

Confetti's Core Company Values

Confetti’s values are intrinsic to our internal and external practices. On the inside, we use them to build upon our company culture and ensure a working environment where our employees feel truly part of our team and an extension of yours. ‍

For you, our company’s core values act as a guide. These values ensure you continue receiving the quality customer service & team building experiences we want you to have and know you deserve. 👏

Confetti’s mission is to disrupt corporate culture by prov

6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in the Workplace

Celebrating Earth Day is a great way to encourage more sustainable practices in the workplace. 👉 (To learn more about sustainable workplaces, check out Teaming Up with Your Employees to Save the Planet).

But, as a bonus for you, Earth Day is a great way to sneak some team building activities into the month of April.

Your employees want to work for a company that cares for the planet, and Earth Day is a great way to align your company values with their personal values.

Let’s talk about som

11+ Workplace Sustainability Ideas that Human Resources Can Adopt | Confetti 🎉

There's a little nuance to how a company's HR department and how businesses contribute to environmental sustainability overlap.

It's not exactly the Head of Human Resources' job to solve global warming.

However, HR is a strong link between an organization's management and its employees. 🔗 Their role is to protect both sides of the coin, which involves keeping companies up-to-date on what their staff cares about.

In recent years, more and more employees have placed tremendous pressure

3 Tips for Building A Gender-Inclusive Workplace

To tackle any in-office diversity and inclusion efforts, you have to acknowledge your company’s gaps on the matter. Identifying areas of bias can help you target what needs to change.

As a jumping-off point, start asking questions, including:

👉 What structures in our office are supported by gender bias?

👉 How do our practices, processes, and systems possibly uphold and reinforce gender bias?

👉 Do I have a bias that contributes to gender inequality?

👉 What have I experienced in the office that had me question the company’s values around gender equality?

👉 You may not have the answer right away, and that’s okay. Spotting your own bias is difficult, but the Poorvu Center at Yale has excellent tips for doing so.

3 Employee Appreciation Ideas For All Year Long

As an effective leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure each team member knows you see their contributions and strengths. So don’t hold back! 👏

Tell people when they’ve done great work and the ways their efforts helped the company. 📣 But most importantly, share it publicly among their colleagues, giving everyone a chance to congratulate a person’s hard work. This can be shout-outs in team meetings, during company announcements, or even in email blasts.

Curious? Loves it. 

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